Making a donation is the fastest and simplest way to contribute, and your funds will go directly towards helping the poorest and neediest in our programs.

Use Corporate Matching Programs

Contact the Human Resources department at your employer regarding their charitable giving and/or donation matching programs. Most companies have them and you can double your donation to Operation Shanti by asking them to participate.

Donate Things

There are specific items we can use. Check the list.


If you'd like to volunteer, send us an email indicating your interest, time availability and useful skills. We'll take it from there! Most importantly, spread the word about our efforts.

Fund raise

Give us a shout if you want to be involved with fundraising activities. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Host a fundraiser/house party for Operation Shanti. Let us know that you are interested in an event for us and we'll send you a "fundraiser packet"!
  • Directly fund raise for Operation Shanti as a volunteer fundraiser. Either you have fundraising experience or you want to learn to be an effective fundraiser for a good cause; if so, we need you!
  • Organize a special event fundraiser based on your interests or hobbies, such as a mini-golf tournament, a community yoga class, a kirtan, or a bake-sale.

Other Ways to Help

By simply clicking on the Amazon button here, you will earn funds for us when you shop Amazon!. Sign up here.

Auction something on eBay and donate all or part of the proceeds to Operation Shanti through eBay's Giving Works program. MissionFish, a licensed nonprofit service of the Points of Light Foundation, is the dedicated solution provider for eBay Giving Works. Learn more here.

Use our Group ID (500001351) and sign up for eScrip. Each time you shop at selected merchants, the merchant makes a donation to our efforts. It's easy and you don't have to remember a thing! To get started, sign up here.

Use to raise money for Operation Shanti each time you do a search on the internet. (powered by Yahoo!) works just like any other search engine, except that each time you search, money is generated for Operation Shanti. Pass this tool on to your friends and family, the more people who use this, the more money will go to Operation Shanti. For more information, click here.

Friends of Operation Shanti

We have on occasion extraordinary help from special individuals and organizations. Let us know if you are planning a fundraiser for Operation Shanti.

Garth Hewitt and LA Rocks! Operation Shanti

Garth’s goal is to raise $80,000 for Operation Shanti by organizing the fundraising campaign, Los Angeles Rocks!