Sponsor a Kid for a Little Over $1 a Day!


Sponsoring a child is a great way to see your donation put to good use.

To sponsor a kid staying at Karunya Mane for one year costs $400 (or ₹ 24,000) a year. That comes out to $33.33 (₹ 2,000) a month for 12 months.

That's a little over $1 (₹ 65) a day.

Your sponsor dollars pay for the child's educational needs, basic daily living, and medical expenses.

As a sponsor, you receive an initial report on your child, and a report at the end of the year, as well as an interim update during the year.

Do you have a group that is looking for a sponsorship program? This is a great opportunity for your yoga studios, restaurant, sports team, or other organization to pool resources to sponsor a child.

To sponsor a child:

Please visit our donation page and select either monthly payments, or an annual payment. Then select the fund "Sponsor a Child" in the dropdown list. 

You may also send a check for the full amount ($400 / ₹ 24,000) to our mailing address in India (for Indian taxpayers) or the US (for all others), along with a note stating that you would like to sponsor a child.