U.S. Officers and Directors

+ Tracy Kunichika, President and Director

Tracy, founder and President of Operation Shanti, is our "on the ground" person and currently spends the majority of her time in India. She oversees day-to-day operations of all Operation Shanti programs.

Tracy has had a desire to create a safe haven for at-risk children since her initial travel to India. Before coming to India Tracy volunteered for several charities focused on the welfare of the poor and needy.

Prior to founding Operation Shanti, Tracy worked as an investment banker in New York and San Francisco. She holds an B.A. from Harvard College and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.

+ James Edison, Director

James brings over a decade of public and private real estate, finance, and legal experience as CFO. He works in land planning and development economics in San Francisco, and has had a long-standing interest in philanthropic work, beginning when he started an after-school program for disadvantaged youth during his college years.

James holds a B.A. from Harvard College, a Masters Degree in Public Policy and a J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley.

+ Marianne Oest, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Before becoming Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer, Marianne was involved with Operation Shanti in an unofficial capacity for several years, assisting primarily with online activities, including website development and maintenance. She also travelled to Mysore to meet the kids and see all of the Operation Shanti projects.

Marianne’s other philanthropic activities are focused on adult literacy, including more than a decade of involvement with Project Read in San Francisco.

Marianne works as a consumer research professional in San Francisco. Her areas of specialization include financial services, and she holds a bachelor of arts in economics from Bates College.

+ Matt Lord, Director

In addition to his advisory role, Matt oversees all technical aspects of our programs. Matt is an engineer working in the satellite communications industry and is an advocate for several causes including children's literacy. As part of his advocacy, Matt produces films for non-profit organizations to help promote their causes.

Matt holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a M.S. in Engineering Management from Santa Clara University.

+ Regina Jayubo, Secretary

Regina, corporate secretary of Operation Shanti, has traveled to Mysore, India to visit our kids and programs and to attend yoga teacher training sessions. She is involved with the administrative aspects of our work and is based in San Francisco.

Regina also has a deep passion for animals. She is an advocate for Asian elephants and supports the SPCA.

Regina works in professional services in Silicon Valley. She holds certifications from Golden Gate University and UC Berkeley in Information Systems, and is a certified instructor from Yoga India (Abhyasa Yoga Shala) in Mysore, India.

India Officers and Directors

+ Anuradha Ganesh, Director and Chief Executive Officer

Anuradha Ganesh, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Operation Shanti in India (Akhanda Seva for International Shanti), has been an active and dedicated volunteer in our programs almost since our inception in 2005.

Anuradha is an advocate for the poor in India and has great compassion for and sensitivity to their needs and the issues they face in society. She has been active with destitute children in and around Mysore and gives selflessly of herself to help improve their lives. She believes that the suffering can be alleviated if each person contribute in some way, even if in just a small way, to helping someone worse off than themselves. Anuradha ("Anu Aunty", as the children fondly call her) holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology, and has called Mysore her home since 1998. Previously, she worked abroad in Muscat in Oman for several years before returning to Mysore, where she also operates a very popular cafe.

+ Jamanagiri Swamiji, Director

Sri Jamanagiri Swami ("Swamiji") provides inspiration and guidance to the charitable work of Operation Shanti in India. Swamiji, a sadhu (monk), is well-known both locals in Mysore and foreigners who visit the area. His humble and generous nature, simple way of living, and practical and rational thinking form the cornerstone of what it means to live a charitable life, to help others in need, and as he often says, "just do good things."

Through his vast network of friends in India, he has provided many of the local resources and contacts needed to commence and continue our efforts.

+ Maya Oberoi, Director

Ms Oberoi, currently residing in Bangalore, India, is a founding board member of Operation Shanti (Akhanda Seva for Int'l Shanti) in India. She is a board member of the Bangalore International School and is editor of Couture, an international fashion magazine.

Ms Oberoi received her education from the Battle Abbey School in Sussex, England and the Villabrillamont Finishing School in France and speaks English, Hindi and French. She has one son, and has a genuine charitable nature that extends to all those around her.

+ Mr. Narendra Deo Tiwari, Director

Mr. Narendra Deo Tiwari, Indian Forestry Service, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, manages Jungle Lodges & Resorts Ltd., the premier government-owned ecotourism organization. Mr. Tiwari has held various positions in the Karnataka Forest Department.

His main areas of interest are rural development, environmental management, forestry, and eco development. He was closely associated with the Western Ghats Forestry Development Project assisted by the Overseas Development Agency in the UK and developed the Joint Forest Planning and Management modules for the management of forests. Mr. Tiwari takes the lead in the upliftment of the poor and needy.

Mr. Tiwari holds two master degrees, one in Physics from Banaras Hindu University and the second in Economics from the University of Wales in the UK.